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Nearly one million new threats are released each day, with this overwhelming mass of attacks waiting in the wings for your PC’s to connect to the Internet, you need a team of experts on your side.



Websites and computer programs that try to lock your computer, or your files down. Their goal is to get you to pay them to release your computer and your files. There are ways to prevent this, and they are well worth the time to implement.



Rogueware is software created that pretends to detect and fix problems on your computer; it uses this pretense to convince you to provide money or install more malware. If you think your computer is affected by this, book an appointment today.



With the recent media attention on hacking, we can secure your network and your computers, so you can rest easy.

Do Anti-Virus Software Work?

Anti-virus programs change all the time, over the years, some providers have become bloated and slow your computers down, others virus databases simply aren’t as complete to protect you from everything that is out there. You need an I.T. company you can count on to keep your files, technology, and family safe on the web

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