Residential Tech Support

On-Site Service


Tridev Computer provides on-site support for residential clients, we can remove viruses, tune up your computers, set up your network, configure your wifi, and install your printers.

Home Networking

Need a router installed? A wifi password changed? Devices or files shared over your network? Book now and we will get everything configured just the way you like it.

Computer Tune-Up

When we tune-up a computer, we remove unneeded startup entries, remove harmful programs, remove viruses, clean up trash files, clean up registry entries, and much more to get your computer working well again.



Do you need a stronger wifi connection? Do you get full bars when you are in the same room with your router and one or no bars when you are in different parts of your come? We can install a stronger wifi router, install extenders, or install a whole home wifi solution.


Cloud Backup


Our pictures and documents are important, kid’s parties, family events, financial documents, manuscripts, our computers hold precious memories and vital documents that account for so much of our life, and our lives work.

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