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What is Intranet? & Why do companies use Intranet?

What is Intranet?

You must have heard about intranet, do you know what intranet is? Is it different from the Internet? Let us discuss this idea with the Network Administrator today.

What is Intranet?

Intranet is an internal (of course) network, based on the TCP/IP protocol, and this type of network is often applied to companies, industries, schools... If the Internet system is operating and is able to access it, there must be authentication information including username and password. And internet based sites work just like other Internet-based websites, but are protected by the firewall level - which protects the system from access to unknown origin.

With the same purpose as the Internet, the Internet is used for internal information sharing and sharing. However, intranet has an advantage that is protected by firewall, which means that the user must have an account to access the system (unlike the Internet, computers can be used).

Simple Intranet Model

Intranet is a private network that is only available by authorized users. Prefix "intra" means "inner" and thus intranet designed for internal communication. "Inter" (like the Internet) means "middle" or "middle". The term 'Internet' is capitalized because of the only internet. Since many intranet exist worldwide, the term "intranet" is written in the lowercase.

The intranet can be limited to a specific LAN or accessed remotely over the Internet via tunnel. The internal intranet is usually the safest because it can only be accessed from within the network. To access intranet on the Wide Area Network (WAN), you typically need to enter your identity.

The Intranet network serves many different purposes, but the main objective is to simplify communication within institutions and businesses. For example, enterprise can create an intranet that allows employees to share messages and files safely. It makes it faster and easier for system administrators to send messages and update all computers connected to intranet.

Most intranet solutions have a web interface to access users. This interface provides information and tools for employees and team members. This may include a messaging tool to communicate with calendars, project timeline, task lists, secret files and other users. Internet websites are often called portals and can be accessed with intranet URLs. If the intranet is limited to the local network, users will not be able to access it (or outside) of the intranet.

Examples of Intranet intranet services include Microsoft SharePoint, Hull, Iglu and Just. Some services are open source and free, but most intranet solutions require monthly fees. These costs are usually related to the number of users in intranet, users need to spend more money, and vice versa.


Intranet diagrams:

Why do companies use Intranet?

The arrival of Intranet in the mid-90s in the working environment revealed that Intranet serves as a simple storage space for files, information and top-down communications.

Now, the Internet has become a hub of business that enables communication,

knowledge sharing, collaboration, etc. Intranet helps employees pay the costs, apply for leave and see details of your retirement plan.

You can contact colleagues in another office, blog on the latest news from your organization and build a community from people in your business. For most businesses, without a doubt, Intranet is a great investment, but it is worth it.

Intranet gives great benefits to businesses

To act as a business requires a way to spread news and knowledge and create a legitimate source of information. Institutions, especially large organizations, need an internal platform to unite all their staff and an internal platform to approve it, be it city office blocks or global brands, with hundreds of locations around the world.

There are many information companies need to share with their employees. From colleagues and departmental directors to leaving forms, Intranet has always been an essential resource.

In fact, no matter what industry you are, the benefits of intranet are abundant. Intranets have the following basic benefits:

- Help increase productivity

- Saving of operational costs

- Reduce Errors

- Improve access to information

- Promote cooperation

Allows better communication between colleagues


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