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What is FTP(File Transfer Protocol ) ???

Updated: Oct 20

What is FTP? Things you don't know about FTP

The word FTP is not listened to by very few, but the concept of FTP is already known for those who create websites. Because FPT is very important in managing files on host and many other features. So what is the type of FTP? Let us know about this in the following article!

What is FTP?

FTP means for the file transfer protocol, which is a protocol for transferring files from one computer to another on the TCP network or the Internet. Thanks to this protocol, users can upload information like images, documents, music files, videos... Download files from their computer to the server elsewhere. Get easy access to your personal computer on the server. FTP is also a protocol used to transmit web data to a web server, even if the server is too far away.

The FTP Protocol is generally used to meet the requirements for data transmission, time-reduction and large-capacity data transfer. You can send and receive files up to hundreds of megabytes in size without worrying about not transferring it. It is important that you can upload/download multiple files at once to save time without experiencing any problems.

Working model of FTP Protocol

The way the FTP protocol works is based on two basic processes, connection control and data connection. This occurs between the FTP client and the FTP server, also known as control connection and data connection.

1. Control connection: When the session starts, this process will control the connection and will only perform the task of the control data passed during the process. Data transmission.

2. Data connections: Unlike control connections, this is the process of creating connections, not more control. When the data is sent from the server to the client or vice versa, it will connect the data. This process also stops until the transmission is completed.

Methods of transmission of data in FTP protocol

As I said above, FTP is a protocol for transferring files from one computer to another on a TCP network or internet to another. And this transmission is done in 3 different modes - stream mode, block mode and compressed mode. In particular, each method is as follows:

1. Stream mode: Method of transferring files with header format. Through the reliability of the data transmission and TCP connection with the receiver, only connection is the end of data connection.

2. Block Mode: Transmitted data is shared in many segments and then packaged in FTP blocks, each packet contains data and will make data transmission more secure and more standard.

3. Compressed mode: The FTP protocol that performs the third method will help files, if it is too heavy, they will help them shrink and move away. However, now that the transmitted files are compressed accordingly, block mode is not required.

You can create an FTP server on your computer

Can you create an FTP server on your computer?

This sounds strange, but the fact is that you can easily build a home-made FTP server with a built-in FTP and an external memory connection router. This helps in limiting and reducing costs while using.


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