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Top 6 Best Laptops of 2020 Under 40,000

Updated: Oct 2

If you really want a good laptop, you should buy a budget laptop, that is, break the barrier at 35K. So, if you can increase your budget to an additional mile, which is the best laptop in India? To help you in this, we have listed the best laptops below 40000. While you can increase your budget and see other laptops, but if you look below 40K, this is less than 40000 best laptops in India.

1) Asus VivoBook Ultra

Asus Vivobook ultra

14 Inches 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)

intel Core i3 10th gen


Hard Drive Size 256 GB

Intel UHD Graphics

Windows 10 Home

1.4 Kg

Amazon ₹ 38,990 & flipkart ₹ 35,990

2) Dell Ispiriation 14 3493

Dell Ispiriation 14 3493

14" HD AGD

intel i3 10th gen

4 gb ddr4 Ram

Intel HD Graphics


Windows 10 +ms office

Battery 6 hours

Amazon ₹34,940

3) lenovo ideapad s145

15.6 Full HD led Antiglare

lenovo ideapad s145

intel i3 8th gen

4 gb ddr4 Ram

Intel UHD Graphics 620

windows 10 home

1tb HDD

Battery 6 hours

1.85 kg

Amazon ₹ 34,990 & Flipkart ₹37,499

4) Asus vivobook 15

Asus vivobook 15

15.6" HD AGD

intel i3 10th gen

8 gb ddr4 Ram

Intel UHD Graphics

1tb HDD

window 10 Home

Battery 6 hours

1.9 kg

Flipkart ₹ 37,990

5)Lenovo thinkpad E14

Lenovo thinkpad E14

14" HD 1920 x 1080 Pixel

180 degree rotation

intel i3 10th gen

4 gb DDR4


Intel UHD Graphics


6-7 hours

Amazon ₹36,190 & flipkart ₹38,990

6) Acer aspire 3

Acer aspire 3

15.6" display Full HD

intel i3 10th gen

4 gb DDR 4


Intel UHD Graphics

Winows 10 home

6-7 Hours

Amazon ₹ 35,299

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How to choose the best laptop below 40000?

There are many popular companies for laptops. But choosing the right laptop is a difficult task. Everyone has different demands. First, learn about laptop parameters when buying a laptop. The laptop comes with different processing speeds.

We should know the RAM, CPU, storage and size of the laptop. For initial users, low core CPU is enough. They can use it for their entertainment purposes. Some basic apps can also run on low-budget laptops. The list of the best laptops mentioned above is explained.

Here we give you a review of the best laptops under 40000. List of factors explains in-depth research under the purchase guidelines. This list helps you determine the best laptop below 40000.


It is an integral part of the laptop. The ability to run applications depends on the CPU. The processor acts as the brain of the machine. Different brands have different processors. The operation depends on the CPU.

Intel has i3, i5 and i7 processors. The Core i9 processor is also available for military standards. It's in chip form. The Core i5 processor gives a great performance. It also includes firms. For example, intel Core i5 8th gen is the best laptop as it has the latest model with a moderate CPU.

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AMD has the Ryzen series, R3, R5, R7. These AMD processors are becoming more popular than in the past. The Ryzen 5 works on a mainstream laptop. Ryzen3, on the other hand, is suitable for entry-level machines. For high-end performance, you can go with R7 and R9. To get an efficient machine that should have core i5 8th gen model.


Like the processor, RAM plays an essential role in laptop performance. The previous laptop has a price tag of up to 4GB memory. But nowadays 8GB of RAM is required. Some laptops have the option of upgradation of memory. Laptop budget increases if we need a large memory. The RAM upgrade level is 16 GB and 32 GB.

It comes with two types, DDR3 and DDR4. Both automatically refresh to refresh the content. Refresh rate helps in reducing power consumption level. But the clock speed in DDR4 is maximum. 8GB RAM is enough for this amount and gives maximum output.

Graphics Card

If you want to buy a gaming laptop, this feature is essential. It comes in different sizes with different speeds. Two of the most famous brands for GPU are AMD and NVidia. AMD is perfect for low budget laptops. Some high-end apps for video editor and Adobe Photoshop apps work compared to graphics cards.

However, these cards differ from each other in terms of speed, bandwidth, memory type and heat sync. We have another option to choose graphics cards based on different types. It is of two types that are integrated or dedicated graphics cards. Best use of laptops in games, Nvidia has GeForce GPU.


Size is the second point of the laptop which is worth. This factor cannot be upgraded in the future. The size is always stable after creation. If you go with a widescreen, you will have to compromise the weight factor. Laptops with small screen size are thin and thin.

For gaming laptops, a large screen is required for full view. They can go with a screen of 16-17 inches. The ideal screen size for the laptop is 15.6 inches. Different machines come in 13 inches. Besides, the laptop is attractive and compact. For example, you have seen a screen of Del Wastro which comes in ultrabook size.


The display has a resolution that defines the quality of the screen. The standard resolution of the laptop is 1920 x 1080 pixels. You can get a sharp and clear display with the right resolution. Touchscreen laptops are the most common lyavailable these days. But touchscreen laptophas glossy screen that affects the eyes.

You spend the whole day on the screen. Then you should go with a comfortable screen. The new anti-glare screen reduces blue light stress. The higher budget 4k and ultra HD screens are available. The screen has an IPS panel for full visual angles.


Keyboard selection is also necessary. You manage a lot of tasks all day long. You will need a comfortable keyboard. Some tasks include long typing sessions.

Space appears more between the keyboard buttons. Simple scrolling and browsing require a full space arrow key. In a small laptop, some buttons are not available.

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