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The Top 8 Thing To Consider When Buying A New Laptop

Updated: Aug 23

It is not a question of which laptop you should buy with a clear answer. There are many different types of laptops to choose from whatever your price category is. Above all, there is no best laptop, as there is no laptop user of any kind.

So when people ask us which laptop or laptop brand is best, we don't give them easy answers.We give them a list. Everyone should think before shaving on a new device.

1. Size

When it comes to laptops, size is important.

Depending on what you are planning to do with your next laptop, you want to make sure you choose the size that is suitable for you. The size is not the same as laptop RAM or ROM, you cannot upgrade it later. You lock in what you choose, so choose wisely.

The laptop's size starts at 11.6 inches and runs up to 17.3 inches. Most brands like HP, Dell, ASUS and Asser and OEMS offer three display sizes - 13.3 inches, 15.6 inches and 17.3 inches. However, some vendors sell out-of-size laptops, including 11.6 inches, 12.5 inches and 14 inches.

Convertibles (also known as 2-in-1 laptops or 2-in-1 PCs) expand the ability to fold the keyboard (or add removal capacity) and use your new laptop in tablet mode. Products like Microsoft's Surface Go (review here) and Asser Chromebooks fall into this category.

Whatever it is, knowledge is power. And once you have set the size of the laptop, the search for the best laptop becomes so easy.

2. Screen Quality

You may see your laptop screen hours at a time, so you want to make sure you get a screen that is accessible to watch and use.

Next, definitely see the resolution of any laptop you are planning to purchase. If you want plenty of space to line up the window and keep things in mind, consider 1920x1080-pixel resolution (Full HD).

Photographers and videographers would like to give laptops the privilege that provides better color accuracy and support comprehensive color gamut and HDR standards on what they do not.

Meanwhile, if you are a gamer, it is worth taking time to check the refresh rate on any potential laptop display. Fast refresh rates can often provide competitive advantage in online games, as it enables a simpler and more responsive game experience.

Lastly, it is very important to see the corners. The laptop screen that tow out ips (in-plane switching) technology provides the most comprehensive viewing angles and best user comfort. The possibility is that you won't always use your laptop in its natural habitat, so the laptop with an IPS display is usually the opposite.

If possible, go to the store and take time to see the screen for you. Otherwise, rely on a number of reviews to get a good review of the product and whether its screen will suit your needs.

3. Keyboard Quality

For long typing sessions, you will need to get a laptop with a comfortable keyboard. You don't want to get a keyboard that packs in each key under the sun (think the keyboard that is squished in number pads) because it can turn a weak user experience when hunting specific details such as an arrow or key.

You want a keyboard that has a comfortable layout with full size keys and some space around the arrow key. When you let them go, the keys should have enough travel on downstroke and broken reactions.

Make sure the keyboard is also backlight so you can type with a simple view on the keys in a dimlight environment.

Like the screen, it helps to try before buying, especially if your main task is typing.

4. CPU

It is difficult to pass through any core-based CPU in Intel when purchasing a new laptop. Think Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. Intel Core processor offers best performance in terms of multitasking and multimedia functions. The main i3 based notebook is usually found in entry-level systems, while core i5 makes most of mainstream computers.

The main i7-based system of you is for people who want the best performance from your laptop. However, note that with core i7 based system, heat coming from the base of the laptop can cause concern, especially if you plan to use the laptop on your lap many times.

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Some of the larger laptops now include Intel's i9 core processors. Laptops running on i9 core processors are even more powerful than laptops running on i7 core processors. They can compete with the desktop for performance but come with a significantly higher price than laptops with i7, i5 or i3 core processors.

Select vendors now offer laptops and notebooks running on AMD's Raizen Mobile CPU. If you are a gamer, this could be a particularly attractive option. Raizen Mobile CPU is connected to AMD's own Vega Graphics chipset, which is much better for gaming than Intel's own onboard graphics.

5. Ram

In the old days, you rarely needed more than 4GB of RAM or more to get the best out of your system.

These days you want to think about at least 8GB. If you are a power-user, there is a way to go to 16GB. Meanwhile, gamers should consider dialing upwards if they want the best experience.

More RAM allows more programs to run simultaneously, and more information can be reached quickly through the system, which is useful for tasks such as editing photos or video content.

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6. Storage

Hard drive was angry, but these days they are mostly out of favor, especially for thin and light laptops. This is because it can be slow, slightly heavier and can produce significant heat and noise.

Solid State Drive (SSD), on the other hand, gives a much higher speed than a hard drive, runs quietly and can be installed in the form factor that does not add too much to the laptop's weight and most of the weight. As a result of these clear benefits, most OEms have adopted SSD storage as a laptop standard.

WD Passport External SSD

The only problem is that the SSD provides that much capacity. This means that SSD storage is more expensive in terms of dollar-to-gigabytes than conventional hard drives. You will be stuck with a drive of size 128GB, 256GB or 512GB, but it will be much higher with a 1TB or 2TB hard drive.

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The newest, fastest laptop also has an NVME solid-state drive, much faster than the traditional SSD but also more expensive.

7. Battery Life

The manufacturer-quote battery life is almost no indication of what the actual experience is like using a laptop. There are many variables that affect battery life. Screen brightness, screen resolution, the number of applications running in the background plus whether you are actively connected to Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth devices.

Battery life

The operating system on the laptop can also play a key role in determining battery life. This is why ultrabooks and convertibles running on Chrome OS offer better battery life than those on Windows 10.

If you run programs that require a lot of processing, stream lots of online videos, play graphics-intensive games, or if you transfer many files to a wireless network, your battery will be out much sooner than the vendor quoted.

Here is a good practice to check the battery rating in Vote Hours (WH) or Millimp-Hours (MH). The larger these figures, the longer the battery can last. For example, for 13.3in in Ultrabook, a battery with a 44Wh to 50Wh rating will give you the best results.

8. Build Quality

No matter how careful we may be, most laptops inevitably find themselves, thrown, thrown, and knocked down by the rigours of everyday use.

To counter this, some modern laptops are tightened to counter rain and dust. Some have been built exclusively for brutal educational environments – and comes with military-grade security certificates.

Others can spill the liquid and wash it cleanly. Either way, it is worth checking how much the laptop has been tested (the manufacturer is usually a crow about it) or a certificate that you can put your confidence behind.

Meet your needs and budgets

Of course, you need to balance these features with your budget and your needs and you may have to make some compromises. Rarely comes a laptop that ticks all boxes, especially when it comes to the price.

Let us know in the comments below that if you consider other aspects of the laptop more important (you might want a better gaming performance or a stronger build, maybe you want a laptop that can be converted into a tablet), and especially tell us if you have found the perfect laptop for your needs.


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